Grant Programs Overview

We aspire to support:

  • Organizations with demonstrated strong leadership, including an engaged board of directors;
  • Projects and organizations with plans for sustaining their work and with multiple sources of support;
  • Unique or new approaches to addressing our defined program areas;
  • Organizations/programs with demonstrated community involvement in their services and activities, including evaluation from their constituents in order to strengthen delivery of service;
  • Publication of findings that advance knowledge and mark progress toward an defined goal.

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The purpose of the education grant-making area is to improve education outcomes for specific communities.

The program goals focus on scholarships, targeted programs within educational communities, and general operating support for institutions where that support may demonstrate a measurable impact.

Science and Health

The purpose of the science and health grant-making area is to enhance life experience through improved health outcomes.

The program goals focus on research, targeted programs within institutions to enhance and promote delivery of health care.

Social Change, Faith-Based and Special

The purpose of the social change and faith-based initiatives area is to support small institutions with strong leadership in fulfilling their mission.