Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

The Saw Island Foundation seeks to empower innovative and high-impact institutions to improve existing programs and pioneer new approaches to solving problems and inefficiencies in health, education and delivery of social services.

Our Values

Our Foundation’s core values – Integrity, Discipline, and Inclusiveness – are inspired by the lives of our founders and are vital to the way we evaluate potential grantee organizations.

Sports Illustrated wrote, “(Bus) Mosbacher’s sense of decency is as unflagging and natural as his incredible smile.”  Our relationships are founded on honesty. We value organizations that both promote and demonstrate integrity.

We believe Bus Mosbacher’s description of sailing applies equally to philanthropy: “It is tactics, strategy, organization and a happy association with nice people.  It is also a game of details.” We believe that great ideas must be coupled with disciplined and rigorous strategies and dedication to seeing well-laid plans through to completion.

Pat and Bus Mosbacher’s philanthropy and leadership quietly included a broad range of views and goals.  We have strong faith in mankind’s abilities to solve immense problems if we are open and inclusive. Therefore, we welcome organizations that promote diversity and attack previously intractable problems in new and innovative ways.